I ran.

And I walked,

In between running.

It seemed a sensible thing.


I did not absorb the natural surroundings.

I tried, but couldn’t fix my attention on sights or sounds.

My thoughts were focused on the present, when I’d next walk,

When I’d next run, looking for markers, that bench there,

A tree here, when this person walks past.


A mix of runners, walkers, lovers & friends.

Couples seated on benches, in quiet conversation.

Older, married couples, strolling in the morning sun.

Not so much conversation with them, I noted.

Enough has been said, over all the years.

Some muscles pulled gently,

I eased off in response.

Quickly felt tired,

30 mins,




Next week,

When I’ll try again,

Maybe only 30 minutes.

Slowly, but surely build up.


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