Why have you started texting in rhyming verse?
Because my Sweet,  it is such a treat
But you never used to, so what's changed?
Have you been reading lots of poetry? xx
Have you ever read Rupert Bear?
If not, it's something I would like to share,
with you xx
Do you mean the Christmas annuals?
I never read the writing underneath, I just
read it like a comic. xx
Then there's much you missed
And I can surely  assist
you with xx
But, I did see it, wasn't it in more traditional
4 line verse? The first and third line, and
second and fourth line, rhyming? xx
Ah, it is clear you understand
And something I had but forgot
I'll try now to pick up the strand
And not be such a clot!
Well, okay, that's something like it, I guess.
This is going to make communication between
us tricky, if you are going to adopt this approach
It's hard to do at first
I will certainly give you that
Then out it comes in a burst
I look and think  "I'm pleased with that!"
You can't do that. xx
What my love, do you mean?
Is something out of place?
Is there something you have seen
for which you'll make a case?
Two 'thats', you can't have two 'thats'
on the second and fourth line xx
Behold you have it right!
What a silly error
You gave me quite a fright
a tangible sense of terror!
I don't know if I can do this. How long do you
think this is going to last for? xx

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